• International Trade
    Hay & Hay International Trade operates across the world supplying aviation fuel over 3000
    Airports with Platts based competitive pricing. Contact us for a quick quote for all aircraft types.
  • International Trade
    Hay Hay provides wide range of reliable consultancy across Aviation including products,
    project management, services and other consultancy. Call or email to speak to one of our specialists.
  • International Trade
    Single source solutions for fuel supply, consultancy, risk management and related services.
    Contact us to explore how we can help you to achive.

365 days 24/7 Operational Support

Our customers count on us to provide timely, safe, efficient and professional services 365 24/7. We understand and proudly serve this need well. Our experienced team of professionals operate round the clock to deliver on our promises as well as support solving any issues you may have with an unparalleled emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. We will always do whatever it takes to offer superior services to our customers.

Specialists in Fuelling Services

Hay & Hay is a long standing, credit worthy and preferred Turkish Jet fuel supplier and reseller with a 50/50 ratio of local and international customers. We speacialise in the marketing, sale and distribution of aviation fuel products and related services globally. Our customers value our partnership, honesty and transparency. We provide Platts based competitive fuel prices, trade credit availability, fuel price risk management, logistical support, JIG compliant fuel management, all provided by our global network of local professionals. We have a strong global presence with over 3000 locations in the downstream marketing and financing of aviation providing fuel and services to commercial and corporate aircraft as well as to business jets.

Internation trade consultancy

Comprehensive experienced all round trade consultancy servises – where needed, when needed. Hay Hay provides an effective medium for right people, right place, right time. Our global experience in trading allows us to connect ‘right’ companies and individuals with each other in innovative ways which is sometimes essential for survival. We are brialliant in what we do. Contact us to explore how we can help you to find the right solution for your business needs! If you require consultancy or an individually tailored offer, simply call or send us an email.

Peco Facet Hay & Hay International Trade is the official Turkey distributor of Peco Facet products, the world renowned brand in fuel filters.